The gloves can be used as a twopart system with tools or piece of equipment wrapped with 3M Gripping Material tape
The gloves can be used as a two-part system, with tools or piece of equipment wrapped with 3M™ Gripping Material tape.

‘Gripping’ Work Gloves

Better handling in wet, oily conditions “Micro fingers” improve friction

3M introduced a new line work gloves made with 3M Gripping Material it said reduces the wearer’s effort, because the material can provide up to a 270% improvement in friction when used as a two-part system.  The gloves are recommended for industrial or construction workers, or anyone who needs a better grip especially in wet or oily conditions.

Comprised of thousands of 'micro fingers', the 3M Gripping Material enhances traction and hold on many tools and pieces of equipment. This means reduced slippage, fewer dropped tools, and improved productivity with less fatigue. The gloves can be used alone, or as a two-part system, which mates the gloves with tools or pieces of equipment wrapped with 3M Gripping Material tape. The two-part system significantly improves friction over leather gloves and wraps, according to the developer, and makes gloves resistant to abrasion and punctures.

In a 3M-sponsored study, researchers at the University of Wisconsin found that using 3M Gripping Material under dry conditions reduced required grip force by an average of 24%. Using the material for twisting tasks on oil-saturated surfaces reduced the average grip force needed by 56%.


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