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Pattern Technologies Rebranded as Versevo

Sept. 18, 2006
Now supplying "almost any three-dimensional product"

September 17, 2006 -- Pattern Technologies, a 12-year-old designer and manufacturer of net-shape cast, molded, and machined patterns is rebranding itself as Versevo. The Hartland, WI, company says the new name references its change from a company with roots as a pattern shop, but that now provides "solutions for customers needing to form almost any three-dimensional product."

"The name Versevo echoes our fresh approach and our commitment to find the very best solutions for our customers," stated president and CEO Terry Moon. "When it comes to the appropriate use of new technology, tapping into international markets and resources, and understanding our customers' special requirements, Versevor offers unmatched capabilities in our industry."

The company says the new name references several of its own "fundamental characteristics," including versatility, "evolution," and service.