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Quality Electric Steel Castings
Ladle pouring at QESC, Houston, Tex.

Lawton Standard Buys Houston Steel Foundry

Jan. 10, 2022
Ferrous foundry portfolio acquires QESC, a Texas oil-and-gas casting operation, bringing more capacity and a new regional presence.

The Lawton Standard Co. recently acquired the former Quality Electric Steel Castings operation in Houston, adding it to the portfolio of iron and steel foundries it has assembled since 2019. The timing and terms of the private transaction, including its value, were not revealed.

“We are proud to bring more options – steel, iron, and more – to our customers and prospects. This addition brings a wealth of experience and capacity combined with the ability to meet strict quality standards,” stated CEO Alex Lawton. “Together with the rest of the partners in our platform, we’re even stronger in our offerings. Having a location in Texas will provide a logistical advantage beyond our original reach.”

The Houston foundry – now called QESC – produces carbon-, alloy-, and stainless steel castings at up to 1,000 tons/month for oil-and-gas markets, including large valve bodies, gears, and connecting rods. Lawton Standard president/COO Barry Adamski noted that “many jobs will be maintained or restored in Houston. … Our team there, including new site manager Dennis Michels, transition manager Devin Galimore, and many others from both organizations, has me really excited about the prospects.”

In addition to two melt shops (electric arc and induction melting), QESC has patternmaking, coremaking, and molding operations, as well as heat treating, welding, and metallurgical testing capabilities on site.

The Lawton Standard portfolio includes five other metalcasting operations:
-  C.A. Lawton Co., De Pere, WI;
-  Temperform, Novi, MI;
-  Damascus Steel Casting Co., New Brighton, PA;
-  C.A. Lawton Co. - Minster, OH (formerly the foundry division of Nidec Minster); and,
-  Penn-Mar Castings, Hanover, PA.

“Lawton Standard is truly a multi-metal, multi-site, multi-capability, casting-centered business like no other,” Alex Lawton added. “No one brings the mix of capacity and human and process capability that Lawton Standard does.”