Energy-saving Innovations for Furnaces, Delivery Vessels

Jan. 16, 2009
Tests show an increase in the melting capacity of gas-fired reverb furnaces using a dry hearth.

High-temperature materials specialist Pyrotek says initial alpha/beta testing of Pyrocoat Fast Melt has been completed, calls them successful. Pyrocoat FM is a low-VOC coating that customers brush or spray on to the furnace charge — T-bars, sows, bundles — without contaminating the alloy.

The tests prove that Pyrocoat FM can increase the melting capacity of gas-fired reverb furnaces using a dry hearth, and Pyrotek adds that the coating will “facilitate” energy reductions. “Based upon a theoretical calculation by customers, the energy savings in the reverb, based on the reduction in T-bar melt time, are approximately 21%. This does not include the benefit of increased furnace throughput or improvements in reducing melt loss,” it states.

Also, Pyrotek has launched two new versions of its Mastic refractory consumables for transfer, delivery and casting of molten metal. High-performance Mastic 85 and Mastic 85N (non-RCF) have been introduced following a development program based on feedback from users. These durable, insulating refractory composites are designed for use in launders, and in joining, bedding and patching of pre-cast refractory shapes. Both Mastics extend non-wetting performance and their formulation and packaging in tubs or cartridge tubes facilitates application by caulking, toweling, or hand forming. Both 85 and 85N dry to a strong, hard, erosionresistant surface, and practical experience shows that the new materials deliver a superior level of performance to comparable products or previous versions.

Mastic 85 is refractory ceramic fiber- (RCF) based, and Mastic 85N is a non-RCF product formulation providing a positive solution for many customers moving towards non-RCF materials.