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Foundrymag 1096 88650askchemica00000061163 0
Foundrymag 1096 88650askchemica00000061163 0

New Release Agent Improves Coremaking Performance

April 5, 2012
Special formulation for core and mold production using gas-cured binders
ASK Chemicals graphed the “high releasing” effect of its Ecopart parting agent, noting the effect of long service life on core boxes, as well as box-cleaning properties, without negative effects on core surfaces.

Using release agents specially developed for use in core and mold manufacturing can increase foundries’ product quality and productivity, ASK Chemicals explained, and its new Ecopart 756 formulation for operations that use gas-cured binders is a new option in the pursuit of process efficiency.

Gas-curing sand preparation is conducted in customized gas atmospheres, so the chemistry of the related steps can be critical. ASK Chemicals is one of the world’s largest suppliers of foundry chemicals, for binders, coatings, feeders, filters, as well as release agents. The new release agent was designed at the group’s research and technology center, with a combination of theory and practical experience, informed by customers’ needs for innovation and efficiency, it said.

ASK reported that Ecopart 756 consists of specialty silicones and additives dissolved in hydrocarbons, so it is suitable for all gas-curing processes. However, the material’s efficiency is most noticeable in the cold box process.

It is particularly effective for producing complex cores, i.e., cores with “contours (that) tend toward strong application at the point of entry.”

Ecopart 756 has been designed to improve process efficiency, according to the developer, noting for example the material’s special composition for reducing the amount of cleaning needed for the core boxes between production sequences. Also, the release agent has a long lifespan and therefore reduces the need for frequent application cycles. It can be flexibly applied by brush, cloth, or spraying device, depending on the coremaking equipment.

Production delays can be avoided due to an extremely short flash-off time. As a consequence, the core boxes are immediately available for further use. Through the combination of these advantages, ASK noted that Ecopart 756 has proven able to increase productivity in core molding.

Furthermore, the new release agent is shown to improve the surface quality of the cores because the build-up of resin and sand (especially under the point of entry) is delayed, which optimizes the quality of the cast products.