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New Foundry to Export Auto-Aluminum Alloys

June 23, 2020
A Russian primary aluminum producer commissioned a 120,000-mt foundry to produce high-silicon aluminum by continuous casting for export.

Primary aluminum producer UC RusAl commissioned a new foundry at its complex at the Boguchansky aluminum smelter, to produce 120,000 metric tons/year of high-silicon aluminum alloys for automotive castings. RusAl is the world's second largest primary aluminum company, and the smelter in central Siberia is a 600,000-mtpy operation completed five years ago at a reported cost of $2 billion. The fully automated, continuous pouring foundry operation was developed and installed by Properzi, at reported cost of RUB600 million ($8.75 million.)

Continuous casting is said to eliminate slag inclusion and minimize other defects inherent to mold casting.

Silicon aluminum is a high-strength alloy specified for various aspects of lightweight automotive design, including wheels and engine structures.

RusAl's announcement of the project indicated it plans to export the foundry alloys to Asia, Europe, and North America.

"The new foundry complex at the Boguchansky aluminum smelter, the most modern enterprise in the industry, will significantly expand the VAP (value-added products) line. The new foundry will produce high quality alloys for the automotive industry, which are used in the manufacture of key automotive parts and units. As foreign markets recover, the demand for these products will continue to grow," stated CEO Evgenii Nikitin.