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Naval Foundry Pours Record-Setting Casting

Jan. 31, 2023
A nonferrous ring weighing more than 112 tons produced for a new USN nuclear submarine is said to be the largest nonferrous ring poured in U.S. history.

The Naval Foundry and Propeller Center in Philadelphia reported pouring the largest nonferrous ring in U.S. history on January 27, a 112.5-ton casting that is a component of the USS Wisconsin (SSBN 827) nuclear submarine now in production. NFPC officials claimed the completed casting will reduce manufacturing time significantly for the Columbia-class vessel, and bolster the organization’s ability to support the U.S. Navy’s needs.

The NFPC is a detachment of Norfolk Naval Shipyard. The Columbia-class series of nuclear-powered submarines is in production now to replace the current, Ohio-class as the U.S. submarine-based platform for ballistic missile launch. The U.S. Navy has ordered 12 of the new subs, with service scheduled to begin in 2031.

“We are well underway in Columbia-class production as evidenced by the large casting poured today,” according to Matthew Sermon, executive director, Program Executive Office for Strategic Submarines. “This pour, at approximately 220,000 pounds, is the second largest type in NFPC’s history. Today’s pour was the result of NFPC’s casting process improvements and lessons learned from their pours for the USS District of Columbia (SSBN 826). These improvements have enabled NFPC to stay on the cutting edge of large non-ferrous castings.”