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Iron Foundry, Steel Fabricator Complete Order for Dallas Water Project

Jan. 24, 2008
Rodney Hunt, Denman & Davis, team to manufacture 60-ton butterfly valves
Massachusetts iron foundry Rodney Hunt Co. and New Jersey steel service center Denman & Davis have supplied a series of water valve for the Dallas Water Utilities' Lake Fork Water Transmission Line. Rodney Hunt, a gray, ductile, and Ni-resistant iron manufacturer in Orange, MA, designs and casts gates, valves, and actuating equipment for the water industry. It engineered and manufactured the 60-ton valves. Denman & Davis provided 7.5-in. thick steel plate cut to size, and other miscellaneous steel, for five electrically actuated butterfly valves. Two of the valves are 14 ft, in diameter, and three more are 12 ft. in diameter. The valves will control and equalize water flow between Lake Fork Reservoir and Lake Tawakoni in northeast Texas. Over 30 miles of pipelines will carry water westward, connecting with Lake Ray Hubbard, eventually ending at Dallas’s Eastside water-treatment plant. Eastside, one of three water-treatment plants serving 2.3 million people in metropolitan Dallas, treats more than 900 million gallons of water per day. "This was an extremely complex project with difficult engineering requirements,” stated Dave Deinzer, president of Denman and Davis. "We've had a long-standing relationship with Rodney Hunt, and we're proud that they look to us when designing and engineering these kinds of projects.”