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Electron-beam melting furnace installation.
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Workers wear the StaCool vest under aluminized PPE, with frozen thermal packets inserted into pockets to help regulate core body temperatures.
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Thermo Scientific™ ARL iSpark™ Plus optical emission spectrometer.
U.S. Air Force / Paul Shirk
Ted Fetchik, a USAF 553rd Commodities Maintenance Squadron welder, pours aluminum into a 3D-printed mold at Tinker Air Force Base.

California Diecaster Orders IDMS Software

Sept. 9, 2011
SKS adopting Rayteq program for its electric-resistance melters

SKS Die Casting, Alamadea, CA, recently ordered an interactive demand management system (IDMS) from Rayteq LLC, for its electric-resistance melting operation. Rayteq's Fleet Commander IDMS software reportedly achieves utility cost savings by minimizing the kilowatt-hours demand from the electric furnace without impairing production rates or metal quality.

The California operation is an aluminum and zinc diecaster, with machining and finishing operations. It supplies complete components to all types of business and industries, including telecommunications systems manufacturers, aerospace and defense suppliers, medical and optical equipment producers, and material handling equipment builders.

Rayteq noted that its Fleet Commander software operates with all Rayteq electric melters as well as conventional electric furnaces equipped with Fleet Commander retrofit kits.