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Stahl Specialty Co., Alcast Co. Form Alliance

April 2, 2009
Specialty foundries aim to offer technical skill to common customer base
Two specialty metalcasters, Stahl Specialty Co., Kingsville, MO, and Alcast Co., Peoria, IL, have entered into a strategic alliance agreement that provides them opportunities for sharing technology and resources. The two companies have a common customer base among builders of agricultural equipment, heavy trucks, construction machinery, marine vehicles and RVs, and lawn and garden equipment. “The resulting benefits to customers are unparalleled technical skill to tackle the most challenging applications, resource sharing for cost optimization, and combined financial strength to offer stability in an unprecedented environment of supply chain distress,” according to a release by the two partners. Stahl Specialty has expertise in tilt-pour aluminum casting and horizontal machining operation founded in 1946. It is a TS16949 manufacturer with over 31 permanent mold and semi-permanent mold cells, over 90 casting machines, over 40 horizontal CNC machining centers, and 28 heat-treat solution ovens. It designs and builds its own tooling with solidification modeling; produces Iso-cure and Iso-set cores; and maintains expertise in aluminum alloy metallurgy. Stahl Specialty’s casting capabilities range from 1 lb to more than 400 lb. It supports volumes of 3,000 to more than 5 million/year. The company also is recognized for its Stahl-branded casting equipment, which is widely installed at permanent mold foundries worldwide. Alcast specializes in bottom-fill casting, electromagnetic low-pressure casting, and CNC turning. It was founded in 1970 and also carries TS16949 certification. It operates 18 proprietary, bottom-fill, electro-magnetic permanent/semi-permanent molding machines; nine proprietary core machines; six CNC lathes; five vertical machining centers; and balancing, broach, and shaping machinery. Alcast produces high-integrity castings using its proprietary machines.