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Thresher Adding Self-Pouring Machine

Oct. 13, 2009
Specialty diecaster expanding into permanent-mold casting
Specialty diecaster Thresher Industries Inc. reports it has acquired a self-pouring casting machine, allowing it to increase the size of the parts it produces. The 36X36-in. Stahl Autocast machine will be the center of a new work cell in which Thresher will produce conventional permanent mold castings, in addition to its line of aluminum and metal-matrix composite diecastings. "With the addition of this machine we will expand our market. A machine of this size allows Thresher Industries the ability to cast product from less than one pound to larger than 50 pounds, opening markets we could not approach prior to this,” stated Thresher CEO Tom Flessner. C.M.H. Manufacturing builds the Autocast self-pouring machines, which feature twin cushioned cylinders for smooth tilting motion, and twin ram cylinders for holding pressure and better clamping balance. The hydraulically powered machines are available in manual or automatic versions, or with programmable controllers. In addition to the casting machine, Hanford, CA- based Thresher said it will add high-volume melting and holding furnaces for its new work cell. It estimates that new revenue resulting from the work cell will be approximately $2.5 million. Thresher did not indicate the customers to be supplied with permanent mold castings. Currently its customers include OEMs in agricultural equipment, aerospace, defense, transportation, and automotive markets. “As we look to 2010, we'll continue to expand our business, increase our client-base and offer a greater variety of materials and processes while increasing revenues for the Company," Flessner concluded.