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Sert Consolidating with Vesuvius Group

Dec. 19, 2011
Sert and Foseco offerings will cover liquid iron from the furnace to the molding line

Sert Metal, a French company known for developing flow-control systems for casting ferrous metals, is joining the Vesuvius Group, Ceramics division of Cookson Plc, in a transaction described as a “friendly integration.” No terms were announced for the new arrangement, which brings together two of the metalcasting industry’s best known brands for pouring-process technologies and products.

Sert is based in Lyon, France, and has developed several branded, automatic systems for controlling metal pouring in iron foundries and steel mills. “The synergies of expertise and technologies will help opening new tracks for development and innovation,” it stated about the combination with Vesuvius Group. “The integration will also progressively offer new opportunities for localization of assistance and services as close as possible to customers worldwide.

The announcement indicated Sert will maintain its “strength, know-how and values” while it is “fully integrated in the Vesuvius Group, combining forces and sharing common care for better casting quality, higher productivity and safe production environment.”

According to the announcement, Vesuvius will offer a combination of Sert’s techniques and its own Foseco flow-control and refractory products, in a portfolio that covers automatic mold pouring and control of liquid iron from the furnace to the molding line.

Cookson acquired Foseco in 2008, and combined it with its Vesuvius product line.

For the steel industry, Vesuvius Group said its own products for flow control in continuous casting operations will be combined with the Sert and Avemis capabilities for automatic mold level control with stopper rods and other instruments.