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Dotson Orders Two Roberts Sinto Pouring Systems

July 28, 2008
First jobbing foundry with all automatic pouring

Roberts Sinto Corp. reports that the Dotson Co. has purchased two Econo-Pour automatic pouring units for its foundry in of Mankato, MN. Dotson is a ductile and gray iron jobbing foundry that produces castings for various markets, including heavy equipment and automotive manufacturing.

Lansing, MI-based Roberts Sinto designs and builds foundry equipment, including molding equipment, coremaking machines, and grinding systems, as well as automatic pouring systems. The Econo-Pour is a flexible, accurate and cost competitive metal pouring systems for jobbing foundries that’s also applicable in high-volume operations. Econo-Pour systems use PLC-based, proportional controls, and load cell and vision technology to monitor and control the pouring process repeatedly.

According to Roberts Sinto Corp., Dotson’s decision to purchase two more units was based on its having reduced overpours by 5 lbs/mold with its current Econo-Pour systems. This improvement is in addition to reduced operator fatigue, more consistent pouring, and the ability to use in-stream inoculation.

Adding two more Econo-Pour systems will make Dotson Co. the first jobbing foundry to operate an entirely automated pouring operation, according to Roberts Sinto.