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German Foundry Licenses SinterCast Process

June 9, 2009
Luitpoldhtte developing CGI applications

Following a trial period in which CGI prototype castings were produced and delivered to its customers, Germany’s Luitpoldhutte AG ferrous foundry entered into a long-term agreement with SinterCast for use of its compacted graphite iron process control technology.

SinterCast installed its Mini-System 2000 at the Amberg, Germany, foundry to support Luitpoldhutte’s product development programs and niche volume CGI series production applications. Luitpoldhutte also reserves the right to upgrade to a fully automated System 2000 as CGI production volumes increase under the terms of the agreement.

“We look forward to working together with SinterCast and our customers to exploit the benefits of compacted graphite iron for weight reduction, improved performance and durability in the demanding heavy duty sector,” stated Luitpoldhutte president and CEO Francois Hoffmann.