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Another Expansion for Minnesota Foundry

Jan. 4, 2012
Mining sector demand drives second capacity increase for ME Elecmetal

ME Electmetal's iron and steel foundry in Duluth, MN, is planning a $12.2-million expansion project that will allow it to increase its capacity by 25% this year, according to local reports. Though undetailed, the project would be carried out this year.

The company produces cast components for grinding and crushing equipment used in mining operations, and indicated that continued strong demand for its products from domestic and international customers is prompting the investment. The foundry is a subsidiary of ME Elecmetal, a Chilean company that also operates a ferrous foundry in Tempe, AZ, and two foundries in Chile

A $10-million expansion of the same plant last year also was driven by heavy mining-sector demand.

ME Elecmetal now employs about 165 workers, and may add 30 more workers once the new project is completed.

Expansion pwas announced last year for the Tempe foundry executed a $10-million expansion last year.

The current project may lead ME Elecmetal to hire 30 new workers. At present, it employs 165 workers.