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Roberts Sinto Opens Surface-Treatment Center

July 23, 2008
Capability for replicating the blast process on customers parts

Roberts Sinto Corp. has started up the Sinto Surface Treatment Test Center in Grand Ledge, MI, a design/engineering operation for customer-specific applications. According to president and CEO Richard Stewart, “The test center will allow us to not only replicate the blast process on customers’ parts, but will enable the engineering and manufacturing resources to augment their continuous improvement efforts.”

Roberts Sinto is one North America's leading designers and builders of foundry equipment, with manufacturing plants in Newaygo and Grand Ledge, MI. Since 1985 it has offered Sys-T-Mation automated material handling systems. In 1998 it acquired SandMold Systems (foundry planning, melting, molding, coremaking, finishing, and sand-reclamation equipment), and earlier this year it purchased the Matchblowmatic molding equipment line from Simpson Technologies.

The company is a holding of Sintokogio, a company with extensive experience servicing surface-treatment equipment, which now is introducing design and manufacturing service to the North American market.