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FATA Aluminum Grants Piston-Casting License

June 29, 2009
VF Process to market technology in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa
Michigan-based FATA Aluminum has issued a license for its piston casting technology to VF Process S.r.l., of Turin Italy. FATA Aluminum has been supplying piston casting machines for more than 40 years, and holds several patents relating to the technology. VF Process will be the exclusive worldwide licensee for the FATA Aluminum piston casting technology, except in North and South America, which remain the domain of FATA Aluminum’s Sterling Heights, MI, headquarters. “The appointment of VF Process as a licensee is an important step in creating business partnerships that will allow FATA Aluminum to extend it’s product offerings and to provide improved service and support to the large number of existing customers across the globe,” stated FATA Aluminum president and CEO Martin Wright. “VF Process was a key supplier to FATA Aluminum in Europe and is a very capable company that we have had a long standing relationship with, they will receive our full technical support to ensure successful future projects.” FATA Aluminum is a specialty developer of metalcasting automation and process controls, specializing in casting carousels, piston casting machines, sand regeneration systems, and complementary casting equipment.