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Iron Foundry Plans 20% Expansion

June 17, 2012
Aarrowcast plans to update melting, finishing capability

Aarrowcast Inc. in Shawano, WI, reported it has started a “major expansion” of the gray and ductile iron foundry and expects to increase its finished products capacity by 20%. The cost of the project was not included in the announcement. Aarrowcast is a property of J.H. Whitney Co., a venture capital firm.

The 45,000-ft2 foundry, built in 1978 and expanded in 1997, has two molding lines and six coreless induction furnaces producing over 42,000 tons/year of gray and ductile iron castings for heavy agriculture and construction equipment, commercial engine, heavy truck, and wind and solar energy markets.

The foundry did not itemize the details of the expansion, but it listed additional melting and blasting capacity operations, and new robotic grinding equipment are planned.

Aarrowcast’s statement indicated it has completed the permitting process for the expansion project, which will be completed by mid-2013.