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The ValueLine Series Model R-475 electric furnace with digital/analog power controls melts 475 lb/hr., with a capacity of 1,100 lb. of aluminum. Electric utility costs are further reduced with the Fleet Commander IDMS kW demand-management software.

Electric Melting with Interactive kW Demand Management

March 3, 2013
Higher energy efficiency, reduced metal loss High power-density heating elements Interactive demand management system

RAYTEQ LLC’s ValueLine™ is a new series of compact electric-resistance melting furnaces with hybrid digital/analog controls for melting aluminum alloys right at the casting line, thereby eliminating substantial energy losses from hot metal transport, launders and holding furnaces in central melting systems. Advantages over conventional, fuel-fired melting include higher energy efficiency, reduced metal loss, fewer scrap castings, no air-quality issues, no heat stress for operators, and no noise.

High furnace melting rates in a compact space are made possible by Rayteq's high power-density heating elements with “new, life-enhancing materials technology.” Rayteq also supplies exact heating element replacements incorporating this new technology for many other electric furnace makes.

Rayteq's new ValueLine series electric furnaces are available in seven standard sizes, ranging in capacity from 550 to 3,000 lb. aluminum, and are supplied ready to operate with Rayteq's Fleet Commander interactive demand management system (IDMS™), which achieves additional utility cost savings by minimizing electric furnace fleet kW demand without impairing production rates or casting quality.

Rayteq's Fleet Commander software operates with all Rayteq electric melters as well as conventional electric furnaces equipped with Fleet Commander retrofit kits. Fleet Commander IDMS systems are operating electric furnace fleets in California and Missouri, and new systems will be installed in soon Illinois and New York.

With its new ValueLine Series round furnaces joining its established DC Series square furnaces, Rayteq now offers thirteen standard electric furnace models with melt rates ranging from 275 lb./hr to 900 lb./hr, and capacities from 550 lb. to 3,500 lb. of aluminum.