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Diecasting mold component.
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BuhlerPrince Inc.
Bühler Group introduced the Carat diecasting machine series in 2011. It’s a two-platen design available in 13 sizes with a locking force from 10,500 to 44,000 kN. The developer noted it offers process flexibility; process stability to protect the die; low operating costs; and easy operation.

BuhlerPrince Supplying Cosma Project

June 9, 2013
Machines to be built at Holland, MI Will produce automotive powertrain, structural components. Cosma Casting Michigan, $162-million project

BuhlerPrince Inc. will supply two 1,500-ton diecasting cells to Magna International’s subsidiary Cosma Casting Michigan, the contractor reported. The Carat 130L machines will be built at the BuhlerPrince plant in Holland, MI, and delivered to the Battle Creek, MI, project for operations beginning late this year.

The value of the order was not released.

Magna International is a global automotive parts supplier, and Cosma International is one of its operating subsidiaries.

In January, Cosma announced plans to invest up to $162 million to develop and start a new automotive aluminum diecasting plant in Battle Creek. Cosma is refurbishing a plant built for a solar-panel manufacturer, but never occupied. Reportedly, the building will be ready for occupation by the end of 2013.

Recently, another diecasting technology supplier, The Idra Group, reported it too would be supplying two machines to the same project.

Cosma Casting Michigan will produce automotive casting components and systems, employing nearly 600.  BuhlerPrince indicated the machines would be used to produce high-strength aluminum powertrain and automotive structural components.

BuhlerPrince, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Buhler Group, the Swiss company that developed the Carat diecasting system. It is a two-platen machine available in 13 sizes, with locking forces from 10,500 to 44,000 kN.  Customized diecasting systems can be developed for specific applications, in particular for customers manufacturing large and complex parts.