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Grede Plans to Expand in Mexico

July 15, 2013
8,000 metric tons/year Supply regional auto/truck demand

Grede Holdings LLC reports it will install a new pressure pouring system at its NovoCast ductile iron foundry in Monterrey, Mexico. No cost or supplier for the new equipment were announced, but Grede indicated the addition effectively would add 8,000 metric tons/year of new capacity to the operation, an increase of about 12% it said.  

Grede noted that the increase in capacity would help supply demand from its automotive and heavy truck customers in the region.

The equipment should be in place by February 2014, according to Grede.

NovoCast is one of two foundries in the Monterrey area that Grede acquired from Grupo Proeza in 2011.

Grede Holdings LLC produces ductile, gray, and specialty iron castings for automotive, truck, and industrial markets. A 2010 merger of Grede Foundries Inc. and Citation Corp. established the company, and several subsequent acquisitions increased its size and reach. It now has 17 foundries in the U.S. and Mexico.

The NovoCast operation casts and machines ductile iron components like turbocharger housings, differential carriers and cases, wheel hubs, covers, and housings, for manufacturers supplying heavy truck, automotive, and industrial markets.

"Our commitment to the Mexico market remains strong as shown by the investment we are making in our NovoCast facility,” stated Grede chairman Doug Grimm. “Our customers are among the leaders in the region and this capacity increase allows us to support their growth projections.”