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Diecasting mold component.
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The SinterCast CGI process involves a proprietary sampling cup that the developer calls “the most accurate thermal analysis device in the world.” The design represents five patents, and the group holds seven more patents related to solidification behavior and thermal analysis.

Greenfield Project Adopting SinterCast Technology

Jan. 28, 2014
Foundry to start up this year Seventh placement in China

SinterCast AB reported that an unnamed Chinese auto parts group has entered into a long-term contract to license the developer’s CGI process technology.

Stockholm-based SinterCast is the world’s largest supplier of process control technology for producing compacted graphite iron, a lightweight alternative to gray iron and aluminum for automotive component manufacturing.

The unnamed licensee will install SinterCast’s System 3000 Plus process control system at a custom-built CGI foundry in China. It will be commissioned during the second quarter, and commercial will start sometime later this year.

The foundry will manufacture engines for commercial vehicles, off-road equipment, and stationary power engines.

SinterCast indicated the new installation would add 300,000 “engine equivalents” (or, 15,000 metric tons), initially, to the total of CGI produced worldwide using its technology. Last year, the group reported it was on track for an annualized volume of 82,500 metric tons.

System 3000 is the third generation of the CGI process control platform, which handles the basic treatment of the CGI metal, automatically, and performs the final adjustment of magnesium and inoculant levels prior to casting. Data collected by the System 3000 Plus, and the melting and molding operations, is maintained for process control and traceability.

In addition, SinterCast will supply the mechanical infrastructure for the cored-wire base treatment and correction operations at the new foundry, and will offer technical support during installation and start of production.  

"This new foundry is the world's first purpose-built CGI facility and has been designed from a clean sheet of paper, taking advantage of the latest technology in every aspect of the foundry process," stated SinterCast president and CEO Dr. Steve Dawson.

"The installation becomes the fifth commitment for our new System 3000 Plus technology, incorporating automatic base treatment together with the security of SinterCast's patented measure-and-correct process control strategy,” he continued. “The order also marks SinterCast's seventh installation commitment in China, following our strongest ever year for installations, and providing a running start to our 2014."