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Sakthi Automotive Group USA diecasts automotive aluminum steering system components for Ford, General Motors, and VW, at a current rate of 6 million parts per year.

Sakthi Automotive Expanding Diecasting in Detroit

Oct. 24, 2017
60,000-sq.ft. plant will produce aluminum steering system parts, adding 200 jobs

Sakthi Automotive Group USA Inc., an aluminum diecasting operation, has started a $7-million expansion at its manufacturing and distribution business in Detroit. The business unit of Sakthi Auto Component Ltd. already produces about 6 million diecast aluminum automotive steering arms and knuckles per year at the Detroit location, where it has been operating for over two years.

The current aluminum diecasting and machining operation is set in a 180,000-sq.ft. building. The new construction will add another 60,000 sq.ft. across the street, and Sakthi also plans to expand into adjacent space next year, for offices and a warehouse.

The steering components are supplied to Ford Motor Co., General Motors, and Volkswagen, and the new construction follows a recent contract placement by VW, according to CEO Lalit Verma.

According to one company official, the new casting operations will result in hiring 200 more workers, bringing the total to 700.

Sakthi Auto Component is one subsidiary of a multidimensional conglomerate that includes industrial and consumer products. In India, it casts aluminum automotive and commercial vehicle parts, including steering knuckles, brake drums, brake discs, hubs, brake calipers, carriers, differential cases, and manifolds.