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Allied Mineral Buys Selected GrafTech Products

Jan. 30, 2018
Refractory cements and pastes for steel, ferroalloy, and iron production

Refractory manufacturer Allied Mineral Products Inc. recently purchased the intellectual property rights to a series of nine refractory cements and pastes formerly held by GrafTech Advanced Graphite Materials. The buyer did not report the value of its purchase, but noted the acquisition follows “restructuring at GrafTech Advanced Graphite Materials, which ended production of several staple products for the steel, ferroalloy, and iron industries.”

Graftech is a producer of graphite shapes for industrial applications, graphite refractory products, and graphite insulating materials and products.

Allied Minerals’ purchase includes carbon- and graphite-based cements, ramming materials and grout, which will be produced under existing trade names (e.g., C34 Cement, C46 Cement.)

Allied will continue to produce its line of “HC” brand clean-carbon mortars, grouts, and ramming materials.

“By offering two product lines to the niche applications, Allied is positioned to serve both current and new markets in the United States and internationally,” it stated.

This purchase follows two others by Allied Mineral Products in the past year: last January, it acquired Pryor-Giggey Co., a maker of monolithic refractory products and precast shapes; and in November 2017 it purchased Riverside Refractories, a maker of monolithic and pre-cast refractory shapes products, refractory coatings and mortars and high-alumina and anhydrous taphole clay products. Allied also reached an agreement with Blasch Precision Ceramics to be the exclusive distributor of that company’s CeraLoop™ channel furnace lining products.

 “The acquisition of these product formulas complements ongoing initiatives at Allied and in our technical services group, AMTS, Inc.,” according to company president Paul Jamieson. “They build out an existing line of installer-friendly products that will further enhance and compliment the refractory solutions we offer to our customers.”