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The “modern, innovative, aspirational, and practical” line of cast iron skillets, grills, etc. is recognizable by an octagon shape and stainless steel handles that remain cool and provide an ergonomic feature for support.

Lodge Buys Specialty Cookware Line

Aug. 19, 2019
FINEX products will be produced at Lodge’s Tennessee foundries, though the brand will remain distinct from the other product lines

Lodge Manufacturing Co. has acquired a custom producer of cast iron cookware and will reestablish production of the FINEX products at its operations in South Pittsburg, TN. The FINEX business will continue to operate in Portland, OR, where it was established in 2012.

The value of the purchase was not disclosed. President and CEO Mike Otterman explained that the remainder of 2019 would see Lodge Cast Iron managing the transition of FINEX cast iron production to its Tennessee foundries.

“This merging of like-minded American cast iron companies is an exciting opportunity for the future of USA-made cast iron cookware,” he said. “The decision falls in line with our mission to build shareholder equity and keep the Lodge business thriving while staying true to our values and our small company roots.”

FINEX produces cast iron skillets, grill pans, Dutch ovens, and sauce pots with polished and oil-seasoned cooking surfaces and distinctive, ergonomic stainless steel handles that remain cool to touch during cooking. The products are described as “modern, innovative, aspirational, and practical,” and recognizable by their octagon shape and sloped edges that provide several pouring spouts.

The FINEX brand will remain, with its own social media platforms, website, and promotional materials.

Lodge is the largest manufacturer of cast iron cookware in the U.S., operating from two ferrous foundries in Tennessee, where it has been in continuous operation for 123 years. In recent years it has added specialty product lines to its portfolio including the Wildlife Series, Chef Collection, and the Blacklock line. “FINEX adds a layer that allows Lodge to have a full assortment of products for retailers and consumers,” according to company statement.

“Lodge has built the great tradition of American cast iron cookware and kept it alive—in our hearts and in our kitchens—when no one else could,” stated Ron Khormaei, one the FINEX co-founders. “We wouldn’t be here without Lodge’s great heritage and we’re incredibly excited to expand cast iron cooking to new fans, new regions and new generations together.”