Citation Wins $50-Million Brake Program

Brewton, AL, foundry in line to produce castings for North American hybrid vehicles

Foundry group Citation Corp. reports it recently won a $50-million contract for new business from Continental Teves, to supply iron-cast brake components for hybrid small cars and crossover utility vehicles in the North American market.

Continental Teves is a subsidiary of Continental AG that produces electronic automotive braking systems, brake actuation parts, tire pressure loss detection systems, and electronic air suspension components. Continental Teves is a division of the Continental Automotives Systems division of Continental AG.

Production of the components will begin in October 2011 at Citation’s ductile iron foundry in Brewton, AL. The producer expects the program to be in production for up to five years and estimates it will generate $50 million in revenue over that period.

The castings will include brake calipers and anchors, which Citation describes as among its core products.

“Citation and Continental Teves have partnered for more than five years on several passenger car, sport utility vehicle (SUV) and CUV programs, and this contract reaffirms our ability to meet customers’ increased needs for critical brake applications on hybrid vehicles,” stated Tony Lovell, Citation v.p. - Sales and Marketing

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