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iron inoculant
The purpose of inoculants is to improve the chemistry of molten iron to ensure sufficient nucleation sites for the carbon to precipitate as graphite, rather than iron carbide.

Custom-Blended Additives Outperform Traditional Inoculants

For melting gray and ductile irons, non-ferrosilicon-based oxygen- and sulfur-containing formulations are more potent, more affordable, and improve mechanical and machining properties.

For many decades ferrosilicon producers have sought to improve gray and ductile iron inoculants. This developmental work resulted from changes in the primary iron melting method. Medium-frequency coreless induction melting rapidly replaced cupola melting due to environmental requirements. More steel and purchased scrap were replacing some (or all) of the pig iron in the charges, and a general increase in the average melting temperature resulted in greater metal oxidation state. Further,

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