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StrikoWestofen near-stoichiometric burners promo StrikoWestofen
The burners on the left and right have been adjusted to near-stoichiometric levels. The flame on the right is short and cold, meaning that the energy requirements will increase.

Optimal Air-to-Fuel Ratio for Optimal Results

Near-stoichiometric burner adjustment saves energy, cuts metal oxidation

In furnace combustion operations, achieving an optimal air-to-fuel ratio is every operator’s goal. Excess air in the fuel mix is the the frequent cause of rising fuel consumption in foundry and diecasting melting furnaces. “If you don’t keep an eye on air-fuel ratios, you are literally burning money,” according burner expert Rudolf Hillen of StrikoWestofen, which is introducing an economical approach to near-stoichiometric burner adjustment.

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