Victaulic to Modernize Polish Foundry

Ductile iron plant to be updated for better quality, higher volume output

The Victaulic ductile iron foundry in Drezdenko, Poland, will be the site of an estimated $15-million modernization that aims to streamline the production process and improve the finished product quality. Victaulic is a global manufacturer of valve and pipe products, based in Easton, PA. The Victaulic Custom Castings supplies ductile iron, bronze, brass, and aluminum castings produced at foundries in Easton, Richmond Hill, ON, and Dalian, China, as well as the Polish operation.

According to a release, the project will include production management and process automation systems, including an automated pouring system and a new dust-capture system that will reduce molding sand consumption and improve the foundry’s environmental conditions. The report states that the phased project will reestablish the Drezdenko plant as the most advanced foundry in Europe. EU funding is supplementing the work, which is scheduled for completion in August 2011.

“Victaulic has always been associated with high-quality precision castings, and thanks to this new 11 million-Euro investment the company will soon have one of the most modern iron foundries in Europe as well as a major increase in its production capacity,” stated Victaulic vice president Didier Vassal. “At a time when many companies in our industry are scaling back operations, Victaulic is investing and expanding to better serve its customers.”

The plant’s customers include OEMs and automotive suppliers in Central and Eastern Europe, and Victaulic aims to increase its production capacity in order to supply higher-quality products to more customers.

The Drezdenko foundry dates to the 19th century, according to reports, but was purchased by Victaulic in 1999. It produces castings weighing 2-25 lb, and also offers heat treatment, mechanical treatment, painting, galvanizing, and nickel-plating of the finished products. The plant also offers assembly services and rubberizing, and produces gaskets.

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