Weekly Update  November 4, 2008

Weekly Update November 4, 2008

East Jordan Iron Works Cutting Back Premier Aluminum Expansion Still On ICI Selets Best Investment Casting Designs

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FOUNDRY Management & Technology
Weekly UpdateNovember 4, 2008
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This Week's Metalcasting News Review

East Jordan Iron Works Cutting Back
Since October began, the producer of construction and municipal castings has laid off 41 workers. Read more

Despite Financing Change, Premier Aluminum Expansion Still On
Because of general confusion in capital markets Premier and its parent company will proceed with the project using their own financing arrangement. Read more

Precision Castparts Feeling Impact of Boeing Strike
Precision Castparts Corp. reported increased second-quarter and year-on-year revenues and earnings recently, but warned investors that the near future may be less positive. Read more

Featured This Week

ICI Selects Best Investment Casting Designs
Top honors went to products representing some of the leading markets for investment castings — aerospace engine components, aerospace electronics, and military equipment markets. Read more

Forums And Blogs

REB Blog: Too big to save
Bankruptcy is a better route to recovery because the problems for GM and Chrysler are not simply their past mistakes but (much more serious) their future liabilities. A merger would take the best of what’s currently available, but it would still have to address future obligations: wages, pensions, franchise commitments, and many others, not to mention their technological and manufacturing issues. Read more


Foundry Management & Technology announces launch of Foundry Theater. Watch videos about foundry and diecasting industries. You'll see technical developments; new equipment; finishing technologies; automation systems; quality instruments and new products. You'll see how to reduce cycle times and increase productivity

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Upcoming Events

IHEA Infrared/Combustion Seminar
Charlotte - November 10-11, 2008 Read more

AWMI 2008 Leadership Conference,
Orlando - November 13-16, 2008 Read more

ASTM Iron Castings Committee Meeting
Miami - November 19-20, 2008 Read more

FEF 2008 College Industry Conference
Chicago - November 20-21, 2008 Read more

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