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Consistent Core-Sand Batch Mixing

Sept. 14, 2021
Two mixing chambers achieve efficient, intensive mixing of injected binder and sand, with a dosing system that helps to minimize binder consumption.

The KLEIN PALMER INC. Statormix® series core-sand mixers feature two mixing chambers, separated by a row of stator bars.

Each mixing chamber is equipped with a specially shaped rotor blade mounted on and driven by a common shaft providing a controlled, forceful movement of the sand across the stators – which causes the highly efficient and intensive mixing of the injected binder with the sand.

Three mixer sizes are offered, with batch sizes of:
- 15 liters (22 kg/48 lbs. of sand by weight), with a 5-kw/5-HP drive;
- 34 liters (50 kg / 111 lbs.), 5.5-kW/7.5-HP drive; and
- 80 liters (120 kg / 265 lbs.), 5/10-kW / 7.5-15 HP drive.

The system’s binder dosing system is accurate to within 0.5%, reducing binder consumption.

The machinery is easy to clean and maintain, with a wear-resistant lining.

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