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Franklin Precision Castings
Filling investment casting molds at Franklin Precision Castings, Franklin, Penn.

Investment Caster Projects a New Name, Image

June 18, 2024
Aiming to emphasize the wide range of its capabilities, Franklin Precision Castings is rebranding to highlight the wide range of its capabilities.

Franklin Precision Castings is the new name for the western Pennsylvania investment casting foundry long known as Franklin Bronze Precision Components and reportedly the oldest operating foundry in that state. The foundry stated the new name is the result of “an initiative to reflect better who they are and position itself for growth.”

The business casts standard and custom stainless steel, nickel, cobalt, brass, bronze, Ni-Hard alloys, and it offers in-house engineering, tool-building, and machining at the operation Franklin, PA. Among various customer groups it lists automaking, defense contractors, oil-and-gas service businesses, glassmaking, machine shops, and pump and valve manufacturing.

Franklin Precision said the new name builds upon its heritage in Franklin, and de-emphasizes “bronze” so that customers will recognize its capabilities in other metals and alloys. And it adopts “castings” in place of “components” in order to specify its investment casting capabilities.

Along with a new name the foundry introduced a new logo and updated its online presence.

“The transition to Franklin Precision Castings reflects who we are today and our plans for the future of the business – supplying high quality investment castings to customers in industrial markets in a range of cast alloys,” stated John Mangoyan, general manager.