New Tech Center Targets Diecasting Projects, Research

Oct. 6, 2015
L.K. Machinery Inc. and SAPP Group opened an R&D center to develop and test diecasting machinery and technology.

Advanced Casting Technology Center in Indiana will develop, test diecasting machinery and technology

L.K. Machinery Inc. and SAPP Group have established a technology center in Edinburgh, IN, to develop and test new diecasting machinery and technology prior to the start of full-scale production. "Target" projects will include large automotive structural components “like torque boxes, pillars and structural nodes,” according to the partners’ announcement.

Powertrain components like engine blocks and transmission cases also will also be developed there, for automotive OEM’s and Tier I casting suppliers.

The cost of the investment and the partners’ positions in the Advanced Casting Technology Center venture were not announced.

L.K. Machinery Inc., Holland, MI, manufactures diecasting machines. SAPP Group, headquartered in Brescia, Italy, develops and produces tooling and dies for diecasting.  

The ACT Center also has participation from other suppliers to the diecasting industry, including StrikoWestofen America, IECI, Die Process Control Systems, Motultech-Baraldi, and ChemTrend.

“Our goal is to be the casting process development and training center in the U.S.,” stated L.K. Machinery president Bill Damian. “It’s our hope to continue to make advancements for the industry, while maintaining our high standards for production quality and customer support.”