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Integrated PLC+HMIs for Hazardous Locations

Oct. 30, 2012
Full product line, small machines to large control networks Auto tune PID, direct thermocouple input

UNITRONICS has updated several of its programmable logic controllers with integrated HMIs for use in hazardous locations, with UL Class I, Division 2 ratings. Some of the newly rated products include: the V570-57-T20B (PLC + 5.7-in. color touch HMI), the V570-57-T20B-J (PLC + 5.7-in. flat fascia color touch HMI), the V1040-T20B (PLC + 10.4-in. color touch HMI), the V1210-T20BJ (PLC + 12.1-in. flat fascia color touch HMI), the V200-18-E6B (snap-in I/O board), and the EX-A2X (isolated expansion adapter).

Unitronics’ PLC + HMI package exempts machine manufacturers from setting up Panel-PLC communication — saving programming time, cabinet space, and costs. This single, “ladder logic” programming environment is part of the Unitronics all-in-one package, and is available at no additional cost.

Unitronics supports a full product line, from units like the Jazz model designed specifically to control small machines and to perform simple-to-medium automation tasks with a two line text HMI, programmable function keys and up to 40 onboard I/O; to the Vision1210 that features a 12.1-in. fully flat fascia color touch screen HMI, with I/O expandable up to 1024. These configurations include digital and analog inputs and outputs, high-speed I/O, PT100/thermocouple capabilities, and weight measurement.

The auto tune PID and direct thermocouple input capabilities offered with the Unitronics controllers make them particularly suitable for temperature control applications, such as ovens, boilers, HVAC, etc. Unitronics free remote access feature also allows the ability to access the unit from desktops, for debugging and data retrieval. This increases their popularity with system integrators, who wish to save time and money on traveling.

Unitronics snap-in I/Os are a convenient, affordable way to “snap” your choice of a variety of I/O combinations directly to the back of most Vision series PLC + HMI controllers. Most Vision series controllers allow the user to choose from an assortment of snap-in I/O combinations to fit their specific application needs. A whole system’s requirements can be fulfilled with a “snap.”

Additional features of the “enhanced vision” series controllers (V1210, V1040, V570, V350, V560, V290 Color, and V130) include:recipe capabilities, micro SD card memory storage for data logging and back up, complete PLC cloning, and more.Communication options include Ethernet, cellular, and industrial protocols such as MODBUS, DF1 slave, J1939, and CANopen, UniCan.