Texas Aluminum Foundry Orders PLC Control Upgrade for Moldmaking Machine

Dec. 8, 2004
B&P upgrade package will ad pattern database, among other improvements

Texas Aluminum Foundry has contracted Simpson Technologies Corp. to update the PLC controls on its Beardsley & Piper Model BSM-2016 Matchblomatic moldmaking system.

Texas Aluminum is a sand- and permanent-mold foundry in Fort Worth. The Simpson Group – which includes Simpson Technologies, Beardsley & Piper LLC, and Hartley Controls Corp. - designs and manufactures metalcasting technology and equipment.

B&P introduced the BSM-2016G2 in 2002 as the newest version of the BSM-2016 Matchblomatic,. So that owners of the previous model could gain the advantages of the new version, it began to offer Matchblomatic upgrades that deliver many of the features of the G series. The PLC control upgrade chosen by Texas Aluminum is one of five different upgrade packages offered.

The PLC control upgrade incorporates improves a number of machine functions, including a color touchscreen with a GUI for user-friendly operation. According to Simpson, the most popular feature added to the machines will be a pattern database with about 500 matchplate patterns that can stored in memory for recalled during pattern changes. It automatically sets the machine variables for the new matchplate, saving time during pattern changes.

Texas Aluminum installed its Model BSM-2016 Matchblomatic, in 1985. “Due to the performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance that we have had over the years with the B & P Matchblomatic, we felt that the PLC control upgrade would only enhance what has proven to be one of the best investments Texas Aluminum Foundry has ever made,” stated Steve Meador, president.