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Among the notable enhancements to Odyssey 46 MR3 is a new Product Demand Analysis screen that simplifies the task of scheduling shop orders

Metalcasting-Specific ERP Now Updated

March 10, 2014
Available for subscribers, SaaS users Ongoing customer focus Product Demand Analysis, A/P Aging

B&L INFORMATION SYSTEMS, a developer of ERP software for foundries and diecasters, introduced Odyssey 4.6 MR3 for general availability. Customers who maintain Odyssey on their own servers may download the new version, while SaaS suscribers will be contacted by B&L with the update schedule.

Odyssey is an enterprise software designed to give everyone in a metalcasting operation, automatically, the necessary information to complete jobs on time and on budget. The platform has modules that meet the specific needs of metalcasting's five major roles — management, accounting, sales, production and quality, so information can be shared and received by everyone, with no extra effort.

B&L’s Customer Feedback Forum was the source for seven of the enhancements to MR3. Vice president - Business Development, Matt Gacek noted this customer-focused initiative is critical to the ongoing development of the enterprise platform.

“Addressing the specialized needs of our clients is an important part of B&L’s continuing growth. The best way to anticipate needs in the metalcasting industry is to listen to our clients’ feedback,” he offered.

Among the notable enhancements to Odyssey 4.6 MR3 is a new Product Demand Analysis screen that simplifies the task of scheduling shop orders.  

Also, the new FTP Transfers function is a secure mode that simplifies e-commerce transactions.

The new A/P Aging screen can be exported in multiple, commonly used formats.

The complete release notes for Odyssey 4.6 MR3, with detailed explanations of each function, may be found at B&L’s website, in the customer portal.

Odyssey users can update from any version of Odyssey to Odyssey 4.6. The Installation Questionnaire Form on B&L’s site will help clients with the 4.6 upgrade process.

Any assistance needed in the update process is free for any client on maintenance with B&L.