B&L Books Three Orders for ERP

Sept. 14, 2006
Calhoun Foundry, Non-Ferrous Cast Alloys, and Alcast Order Odyssey

September 15, 2006 -- B&L Information Systems, Bridgman, MI, reports it has logged three new orders for its Odyssey software, an enterprise-resource planning program with specific functions for metalcasting operations. The ERP will be installed at:
- Calhoun Foundry Corp., Homer, MI;
- Non-Ferrous Cast Alloys Inc., Muskegon, MI; and
- Alcast Co. Peoria, IL.

According to B&L, Odyssey is a comprehensive ERP software with features that address integrated surcharges, schedule by heat, certifications, and dynamic pattern configuration, among other functions. The developer says these features allow metalcasters to realize faster implementation times, with little need for customization, so the return on the investment is faster.

B&L Information Systems reports it has installed the software for over 340 companies worldwide.