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Odyssey is an enterprise software platform designed to manage data from all business functions in a metalcasting operation and report uptodate information to all level levels of the organization automatically for ontime and onbudget performance

Customer Feedback Drives ERP Update

May 2, 2014
Maintenance release focused on enhanced functional utility for users A/P Aging screen can be exported in multiple formats. Home, work, and cell number fields added New general code for Service Request Type has been added.

B&L INFORMATION SYSTEMS launched a new, general-availability maintenance release for its Odyssey enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, Odyssey 4.6 MR4. Clients who host Odyssey on their own servers are able to download MR4 download through B&L’s customer portal. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) clients will be contacted with a schedule for the update.

Odyssey is an enterprise software designed to give everyone in a metalcasting operation, automatically, the necessary information to complete jobs on time and on budget. The platform has modules that address the specific needs of metalcasting's five major roles — management, accounting, sales, production and quality, so information can be shared and received by everyone, with no extra effort.

Continuing to build on feedback gathered through its Customer Feedback Forum, for Maintenance Release 4 B&L’s R&D department focused on providing enhanced functionality. In the new release, some of the customer-suggested enhancements include:
•   The A/P Aging screen can be exported in multiple, commonly used formats.
•   Home, work, and cell phone numbers fields have been added to the Employee Master.
•   A new general code for Service Request Type has been added. Users can assign the new type to Equipment Master records. The type can be entered on a Service Request (which defaults from the Equipment Master) to classify requests. 

Of particular note are some improvements to the Shop Floor Manager module:
•   The buttons on the Shop Floor Manager can be set to a color. This greatly improves the intuitiveness for workers on the shop floor.
•   Shop Orders can be created directly from the Product Demand Analysis screen. Also, information on molds/shots has been added to the screen.

The complete release notes for Odyssey 4.6 MR4, with detailed explanations of each function, are available online in B&L’s customer portal.

Odyssey users can update from any version of Odyssey to Odyssey 4.6. The online Installation Questionnaire Form will help clients with the 4.6 upgrade process. Any assistance needed during the update process is available at no cost to any client on maintenance with B&L.