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Stream 192 software shown with the Olympus BX51 metallurgical microscope

Micro-Imaging Software System

Nov. 17, 2014
Stream 1.9.2, with enhanced functionality, performance improvements, 
and expanded compatibility  Total magnification, more new functions 
 Better image stitching among software improvements

Material solutions upgrades

Olympus Stream, developed by OLYMPUS CORPORATION, is an advanced micro-imaging software system that turns industrial microscopes into high-performance analysis tools, and allows users to acquire, process, and measure images seamlessly. With the release of Stream 1.9.2, Olympus adds an array of new advancements to the software’s capabilities, improving workflow and allowing flexible system operation.

Among Stream 1.9.2’s functional enhancements are a new separator filter designed to separate objects better and reconstruct boundaries up to 10 times faster than the previous filter. A new shading correction tool allows data corrections to be stored for all observation methods. An automatic height map feature allows users to go directly to surface view or perform a line profile immediately after an EFI is captured.

Additional new functions in Stream 1.9.2 include a total magnification feature, the ability to create long-length movies, normalized report magnification, a database recycle bin, and the ability to insert page templates. Stream 1.9.2 also offers an optional simplified user interface.

There also are some significant software enhancements to the new Stream system, including improved image stitching (users can now select the percent overlap for matching criteria in a MIA) and improved line profile (now includes noise reduction, first derivative display, export to Excel, averaging over multiple lines, and a link between image and profile.)

Within Stream’s materials solutions, Olympus has made numerous upgrades, including new charts for all standards, new grain boundary types for variable backgrounds, new and updated cast iron standards, and worst field inclusion. Also, the automatic measurement solution has seen a number of improvements, including workflow enhancements, the ability to rename routines, workbook validation results, and the ability to enable scope and camera controls during workflow.

“Stream 1.9.2 adds both improvements and advancements to the already powerful possibilities of OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software,” according David Rideout, Olympus director of sales and marketing. “Of additional note is the fact that Stream 1.9.2 is compatible with the latest Olympus cameras, including the all-new DP22, DP27, and SC50.”

Stream 1.9.2 supports Windows 8.1, 8, and 7.