Titan Tool Supplyrsquos LuxPro LED fiberoptic light system connected to Titan Tool stereo zoom microscope

Titan Tool Supply’s LuxPro LED fiber-optic light system connected to Titan Tool stereo zoom microscope.

Fiber-Optic Light System for Borescopes, Microscopes

Titan Tool’s LuxPro illuminator adds sustainability, performance, efficiency, and convenience to testing, inspection systems ROI in less than two years Energy consumption, -50% 50,000-hours LED

TITAN TOOL SUPPLY INC. introduced a new fiber-optic illuminator it claimed will bring “sustainability, performance, efficiency and convenience” to users of illuminated borescopes and microscopes. Based on its own in-use testing of the LuxPro LED fiber-optic light system, the developer detailed these findings:
•  Sustainability: The LuxPro offers a complete payback in less than two years compared to quartz-halogen fiber-optic illuminators, and a continued return on energy costs, bulb replacement, and maintenance costs in replacing lamps.
•  Efficiency:  The LuxPro exceeds the brightness of a 150-watt halogen bulb, and reduces energy consumption by approximately 50%.
•  Performance: The LuxPro illuminator offers optimal thermal management to maximize reliability and optical performance of most borescopes and microscopes.
•  Convenience:  The maintenance-free LuxPro’s LED has a guaranteed bulb life of 25,000 hours, although 50,000 hours is typical, eliminating the inconvenience of spending a total of 2.5 hours/year replacing quartz-halogen lamps.

The LuxPro illuminator features linear light intensity control with continuous dimming and accepts virtually any light guide with quick-change adapters, the company stated. It provides consistent color temperature (cool white 4,500 K) and is equipped with a standard 0.625-in. light guide fitting (nosepiece).

Because Titan Tool can supply an adapter for virtually any diameter fiber-optic cable from 0.187 to 1.0 in. (including Fostec 0.718-in. and ACMI), customers can continued to use their current fiber-optic guides and ring lights.

Advanced heat pipe technology of the LuxPro uses metal core PCBs, and precision-engineered cooling provides quiet operation. The lightweight (7 lbs./3.2 kg) unit has rugged housing and a small footprint of 6x4.75x9 in. (15.2 x 12.1 W x 22.9 cm; HxWxD) suitable for mounting and stacking in constrained areas. A universal power source connector enables worldwide operation from 96-264 VAC, 50-60 Hz.

Manufactured and tested in the U.S., the new Titan Tool LuxPro LED fiber-optic illuminator features a one-year warranty and is part of a range of LED, fluorescent, and incandescent illuminators available for shipment by the developer.

Visit www.TitanToolSupply.com.

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