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Sinto Smart Foundry is a scalable solution that grows with a metalcasting operation, with products and services that help achieve improvements in Maintenance, Quality, Production and Planning.

Industry-Defining Technologies Improve Metalcasting Quality

In the highly competitive metalcasting industry, foundries that capture cost advantages have always had the upper hand. To gain those advantages, foundries must be both efficient and constantly focused on continuous improvement. Recycling in the foundry industry is nothing new. Metalcasters have been remelting scrap metal to make new castings almost from the beginning. One recent development in foundry recycling is now a game-changer.

KB Foundry Services has partnered with Sinto America to bring this innovative technology – their innovative bond recovery system – to foundries. The KB-Sinto partnership brings together two industry leaders. For decades, KB Foundry Services’ parent Kurtz Bros. Inc. has been a leader in foundry by-product recycling. Similarly, Sinto has emerged as a leader in advancing smart-foundry process controls, and in manufacturing dependable and durable equipment. 

While recycling clay and carbon from green-sand systems started decades ago, no one has recovered more material or produced a cleaner liquid clay product than the patented KB Sinto System. Benefits include:
  Bond replacement
. It recovers 90% of clay and carbon from baghouse fines, and delivers them back into a foundry sand system, reducing the requirement for dry bond by as much as 40%.

  Improved bonding performance. The liquid clay product as produced comes back into the muller as a fully hydrated product, resulting in a more uniform coating of sand within the sand system.

  More efficient mulling. The system shortens practical mulling times, lowering energy costs and reducing wear on mulling equipment

  Increased productivity. By reducing mull times, the system increases potential mold production by reducing cycle times.

  Reduced disposal costs. Recycling green sand baghouse dust drastically reduces dependency on landfills.

  Reduced labor expenses. The system reduces labor and related ancillary equipment expenses tied to handling and bagging materials for disposal. 

  Integrated design. The system can be paired with process control systems to minimize cost and drive efficiency.

  Fully automated. It requires minimal operator attention, as it can be monitored and adjusted remotely.  

  Environmental sustainability. Our system will reduce raw material, disposal, and transportation costs, leading to greater sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint. 

Efficiency and continuous improvement also are the objectives of the Sinto Smart Foundry (SSF) package, which combines IIoT and foundry expertise for a customer-focused, Industry 4.0 solution. SSF is scalable solution that grows with an operation or progresses with its data analytics journey. The toolbox of products and services can help achieve improvements in four major areas: Maintenance, Quality, Production and Planning. From capturing simple cycle counts to tracking every movement in a plant, Sinto Smart Foundry can provide a solution that fits a foundry’s needs, team, and budget.

1. Sinto Analytics (ePVS) is not just software. It incorporates technology, people, and processes to identify steps for a foundry to be as efficient as possible. ePVS will generate clear actionable solutions for optimal productivity and efficiency. Foundries can visualize what is wrong, in real time, and find hidden capacities or underutilized areas, and eventually predict when failures will happen.

The ePVS software can capture the heartbeat of your machines and systems, giving you complete process visibility. The data is captured through your existing PLCs by adding just a few lines of code. No extra sensors or modifications are needed. It then is able to process and paint the data for easy interpre­tation and allow for immediate action.
  Get customizable reporting and automatic alerts and notifications.
  Digitize your plant with Sinto Smart Foundry: improve maintenance, quality, planning and production
  Customizable reporting
  Automatic alerts and notifications
  Use on any PLC driven machine
  Simple visual and immediate feedback

2. Remote Monitoring Center service is an extension of foundries’ maintenance and operations teams. Sinto’s experienced foundry professionals monitoring customers’ equipment and keep an eye on data that is collected through Sinto Smart Foundry, to ensure it remains operating at peak performance. When the RSC Service Technician identifies an abnormal operation event, operators are alerted, pro-actively, and maintenance recommendations are provided. If spares are needed, part numbers will be sent for your ordering convenience.

The Remote Monitoring service also includes a weekly report that identifies and documents trends in machine operation. A bi-weekly web meeting to review data with RSC Service Technicians is an opportunity for foundry teams to ask questions and receive maintenance recommendations, and further or enhanced training.

3. Sinto Sensor Solution is part of the Sinto Smart Foundry Toolbox that offers remote monitoring with wireless vibration and ambient temperature sensors. Installation is simple because no wiring or coding is required. The data can be viewed on any device with a web browser, and because it is distinct from any plant network it is impossible for outside entities to access any proprietary information. This data can help reduce unplanned downtime and increase quality by alerting operators when to order long-lead parts and replace worn parts. It also sends notifications of wear on consumable parts and machine operating hours.
 Price – Low cost monthly subscription, no equipment to maintain.
  Security – Completely separate from your network. Impossible to access any proprietary information.
  Safety – Place sensors on equipment that can be dangerous for maintenance staff to access.
  Email alerts – Alerts can be set to automatically notify staff via email when customizable thresholds are breached.
  Downtime/Quality – Reduce unplanned downtime and increase quality by knowing when to order long lead parts and replace worn parts.
  Installation – No wiring or coding required. Sensors are magnetic and all communication is wireless. Sensors can be placed anywhere and can be relocated at any time.

Michael Lenahan manages Industrial Sales for KB Foundry Services.
Jim Wenson
is Product Manager for Sinto Smart Foundry, Sinto America Inc.

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Jim Wenson | Product Manager, Sinto Smart Foundry

Jim Wenson is Product Manager for Sinto Smart Foundry, Sinto America.