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Managing Information to Speed Production

Jan. 17, 2013
By effectively managing rework and scrap, foundries can save time and money while reducing interruptions to the production cycle Communication tools for QC Built-in annotator

One way metal casters can cut costs and improve efficiency is by reducing the amount of scrap and rework in their plants. Rework results in lost time and increased work-related costs that cannot be recouped, while high scrap rates lead to higher material costs and time lost to making parts that will not bring revenue. 

B&L Information Systems develops business software for foundries and diecasters. It supplies integrated enterprise planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) programs that increase metalcasting efficiencies and profitability.

By effectively managing rework and scrap, foundries can save time and money while reducing interruptions to the production cycle, resulting in a higher-quality product and satisfied customers.

B&L Information Systems introduced the Quality Viewer module, an innovation in the field of shop-floor data collection.  The Quality Viewer, part of the Shop Floor Manager suite within the Odyssey ERP system, is a communication tool designed so your workforce can easily and intuitively understand job instructions, images, videos, CAD drawings — or virtually any information your employees need to perform their job efficiently and safely. The results will reduce the amount of scrap and rework.

Novel features of the Quality Viewer module include:
•  The ability to auto-highlight parts or operations flagged with a quality alert as the shop-floor personnel review the schedule or log onto a job;
•  A built-in annotator that allows operators (using an iPad or any other browser-based image capturing device) to highlight quality problems as they occur, annotate them, and then instantly save them into the work instructions, thereby increasing the flow of shop-floor information;   
•  Touch-screen navigation and color coding through the Quality Viewer; and
•  Flexible, easy-to-change format designed so that the Quality Viewer will change as the shop-floor requirements change, without custom programming.

For more information, contact B&L Information Systems at 269-465-6207 or [email protected].

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Matt Gacek | Professional Services Project Consultant

Matt Gacek is a Project Consultant in the Professional Services Department for B&L Information Systems. Contact him at [email protected], or visit