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ERP Software as a Service

Jan. 22, 2010
Metalcasters who want to adopt Enterprise Resource Planning dont necessarily have to invest in the software, hardware, network technology, and support.

Released in 2009, Odyssey Software as a Service, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software application exclusively for metalcasting. Odyssey SaaS provides industry-specific modules to integrate metalcasting business workflows into an automated and intuitive system, from quoting to scheduling to profit analysis.

Traditionally, metalcasters who wanted to adopt ERP software purchased not only the software, but also the hardware, networking, and the support staff needed for such an endeavor. B&L launched Odyssey SaaS as an alternative option. It is based on a software delivery model, in which the vendor (B&L Information Systems) licenses Odyssey SaaS to clients via the Internet. B&L hosts and manages Odyssey SaaS on its servers.

Odyssey SaaS eliminates the need to purchase software and allows metalcasters to buy a subscription for the application and a defined set of users. It removes the need for hardware and any associated infrastructure costs necessary to host software. The subscription fee includes the software, maintenance, and support services.

Odyssey SaaS is the only software-as-a-service model available in the metalcasting industry, and has been met with approval since its introduction.

“Software as a Service, or SaaS, makes sense for companies looking to control their IT spending,” says Philip Laney, B&L Information Systems president. “This delivery model allows organizations to receive all the benefits of an enterprise-class business solution without the need to purchase any additional hardware to run the application. Access is via a high-speed Internet connection. The end-user doesn’t have to worry about network issues, daily backups, hardware failure, disaster recovery, etc. All these functions are handled by B&L. Our customers have found it to be a simple, elegant, and cost-effective way to receive the power and payback of an industrial-strength business solution like Odyssey.”