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Italpresse Gauss designs high-pressure diecasting, gravity diecasting, and low-pressure diecasting for light metal alloys.

Digital Twinning for Machine Maintenance

Aug. 13, 2018
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality functions embedded in diecasting machinery as basis for "maintenance as a service."

Software developer Aveva is supplying augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology to a diecasting machine builder as a way to implement “digital twin” functionality for system maintenance. Italpresse Gauss will "embed" Aveva’s software in its diecasting machinery, using a new tool called AMe. It will allow diecasting machine operators to use mobile devices, Industrial Internet of Things protocols, and VR/AR technology to achieve “interoperability” … or "maintenance as a service.”

For example, an operator would be able to use a camera-enabled tablet to isolate a view of a machine part, and extract augmented data and maintenance documentation related to that part to diagnose and repair faulty components or processes.

Then, a VR headset can be used by a remote engineer to guide the service or repair procedure on-site.

"In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, it is critical to separate ourselves from the competition by providing new value for our customers," stated Italpresse Gauss president Carlo Scalmana.

Describing the new functionality as part of a “digital transformation strategy,” Scalmana noted the AMe technology allows maintenance technicians to address service requests faster, reduce downtime, and increase machine productivity.

Italpresse Gauss had previously adopted Aveva’s Wonderware Monitoring and Control capabilities. In 2015, the press builder developed the HMe system for monitoring and control of diecasting process. Access to the operations data gained via HMe has been foundational to developing AMe.

"The Industrial IoT has unlocked new business opportunities to offer innovative services," said Maurizio Galardo, director of AR/VR business at Aveva. "This "digital twin" service is a competitive differentiator …"