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NFFS Launching Two-Day Training Series

May 27, 2008
Emergency planning, electrical safety seminars scheduled through September

The Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society is offering a series of two seminars to train employers and workers in workplace safety principles and procedures relating to hazardous energy, in order to prevent work-related accidents. The seminars will be held over two days in various cities across the country, through September. Enrollment is free and may be completed online, but registration is required.

The programs are funded by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and developed by NFFS to provide information on topics specifically identified by OSHA. The first seminar addresses Workplace Emergency Planning, including discussions of potential emergencies and emergency-evacuation plans; a review of required written programs; employee training; and emergency response drills.

The intended audience is foundry personnel who are responsible for Workplace Safety. Attendees. Attendees will receive instructions on how to develop emergency plans for their operations, and a copy of the Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry, a step-by-step approach to emergency planning, response, and recovery for companies of all sizes.

The second seminar addresses Electrical Safety in the Foundry, and includes a review of the NFPA 70E Electrical Safety/Arc Flash standard. This program covers OSHA’s regulations on electrical safety, and addresses topics included in National Fire Prevention Assn. 70E standard, such as Arc Flash, Arc Blast, Shock Protection Boundaries, Flash Protection Boundaries, and Employee Training.

This seminar is intended for foundry workers that work with or near hazardous electrical energy. Attendees will hear clear explanations of the requirements for electrical safety in the workplace, and a copy of the NFPA 70E standard.

The first presentation of the seminars will be June 3-4 in Lancaster, PA. Subsequent presentations will be June 10 -11 in Newark, NJ; June 24 -25 in Milwaukee; July 15 -16 in Detroit; July 29 -30 in Los Angeles; August 12 -13 in St. Louis; August 26-27 in Cleveland; September 9-10 in Rosemount, IL; and September 23-34 in Fort Worth, TX.