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Monitoring Heat-Stress Levels

April 23, 2012
Direct or remote tracking of workers safety/health risk using WBGT index
Microtherm calculates WBGT from data collected by three sensors manufactured to BS 1904 and DIN 43760 accuracy standards. It records date and time, along with the measured and computed values.

CASELLA CEL INC. calls attention to heat stress and heat stroke, and the importance of guarding against it in the workplace. Heat stroke is a serious health risk to workers wearing heavy protective clothing or who are involved in strenuous activity. Heat challenges the body's ability to control its internal temperature, especially in those who are at a higher risk from heart disease, asthma, diabetes or obesity. More than 400 Americans die of heat stroke every year.

Casella CEL’s Microtherm heat-stress monitor is a simple-to-use, handheld device that reports Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) index in real-time. The WBGT index is a composite temperature used to estimate the effect of temperature, humidity, wind speed and solar radiation on humans, and it is the internationally recognized method of calculating heat stress. By displaying real-time, changing WBGT values the Microtherm empowers managers to make pre-emptive safety decisions before an employee begins to feel the effects of heat stress.

The Microtherm calculates WBGT by means of three sensors manufactured to BS 1904 and DIN 43760 accuracy standards. Sensors can be mounted directly on the instrument or remotely positioned by cable up to 30 feet away, indoors or outdoors. The Microtherm's data-logging capabilities record date and time, along with measured and computed values. Logging intervals can be set from 30 seconds to one hour, with results shown in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Included with the Microtherm is a MS Windows, 32-bit PC software package (Win HSM) for data collection and analysis. The software produces graphical and tabular reports that are easily imported into other applications. Summary and WBGT Heat Stress Index reports can also be generated.