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Businessmen and brothers Brian and Jeffrey Schram purchased 100 of CMISchneible Co stock in June 2012 and have declared their commitment to operate the company with the high standards and considerate attention that customers expect

CMI-Schneible Under New Ownership

Aug. 3, 2012
Saginaw company offers engineering, custom fabrication, proprietary manufacturing, parts cleaning and inspection to Tier 1  Curent projects for Big 3, off-road equipment builder New owners aim to provide "good leadership"

CMI-Schneible Co. was acquired in June by Brian and Jeffrey Schram, and the brothers expressed a commitment to operate the Tier One supplier “with the same high standards and considerate attention to customers’ needs” as the automotive supply chain has grown to appreciate.  The Saginaw, MI-based company was established in 2001 but traces its origins to CMI International Inc., a holding company of iron casting operations founded by Ray H. Witt.

“Through this new ownership, CMI-Schneible is looking forward to expanded growth opportunities and continued success with its current customer base,” according to a statement. Terms of the sale were not announced.

CMI-Schneible provides engineering, certified custom fabrication, proprietary manufacturing, parts cleaning and inspection programs. It also handles equipment maintenance and refurbishment, and diagnostic programs, including destructive and non-destructive testing. The Saginaw plant is ISO/TS 16949-certified and performs engine block cleaning, robotic and manual inspection services, high-pressure robotic power washing, and X-ray inspection services. It has a second location in Maumee, OH.

Brian Schram, president and owner, indicated that the company’s primary customer is major automaker, for which it is cleaning and inspecting up to 1,200 aluminum engine blocks and 11,000 cylinder heads every day. Another program involves refurbishing oil and fuel pumps for a large builder of off-road equipment.

Schram has more than 15 years’ experience in sales and operations in the insurance and financial sector, including five years as an owner of his own firm. The company noted he has “developed and refined the key business elements of operations, sales and client relations.”

Asked what motivated him and his brother to purchase of a manufacturing company at this time, Brian Schram described his past involvement with the organization Witt established, and the opportunity to build on its past success by providing “good leadership.”

Schram also complimented CMI-Schneible’s workers for the ways that their effort promotes the company’s performance and reputation.

“The key to any business is taking good care of your customers as well as your own employees,” Brian Schram said. “To provide a quality product for our customers, we need to attract and retain the best employees in the region.  I feel those employees are in place today.”

CMI-Schneible’s CEO and owner Jeffrey Schram has more than 15 years of experience in finance and operations activity, including evaluating acquisitions in the private-equity market, which provided valuable insight to operational efficiencies and metrics. “We are excited to be a part of the CMI team and look forward to continuing the long tradition of quality and service that has made CMI-Schneible a leader in the industry,” according to Jeff Schramm.