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Thermal Imaging Cameras

Oct. 15, 2012
Maintain ISO and NIST certified measurement integrity Functions for saving, exporting thermal and digital images

WAHL INSTRUMENTS INC. is offering free annual calibrations with the purchase of its Heat Spy Inspector Series thermal imaging cameras. Customers will be invited to return the devices to the supplier annually for free recalibration and firmware updates for the full service life of the camera. The company claims the offer is a “first in the thermal imaging industry.” 

Heat Spy Thermal Imagers are designed for professional applications, with functions for saving and exporting thermal and digital images easily at 30-Hz per frame. Report writing software also is available.

The lifetime recalibration service will ensure that users have consistent and high-quality temperature readings at all times. The recalibrations will be completed quickly at Wahl’s factory, and returned promptly to minimize any interruption to operations – but allowing manufacturers to maintain the ISO-certified measurement integrity. NIST-certified calibrations are available, too.

Heat Spy firmware updates are included with all calibrations to ensure the most advanced features and functions are available.

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