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3D Scanner with Integrated Turntable

Oct. 30, 2012
Rotating, pivoting turntable eliminates scan targets Fully automated scanning for small- and medium-sized parts

eQUALITY TECH, the exclusive distributor for Solutionix in the Americas, announces the immediate availability of Rexcan CS+, the first fully automated 3D scanner to integrate a turntable with four degrees of freedom for simpler set-up and more comprehensive data acquisition. The new rotating and pivoting turntable in Rexcan CS+ eliminates scan targets and allows users to reorient a part by simply clicking on the computer screen – no need to physically move the part, turntable or scanner.

“The integrated turntable simplifies and automates a major part of the scanning process,” according to Brad Philip, senior design engineer for Amcor. “Rexcan CS+ can scan small intricate objects as efficiently as larger objects, in some cases drastically cutting the time from receipt of part to creating a full CAD model or inspection report.

“Add to that the ability to automate major portions of the scan process with cleaner output data and Rexcan CS+ really represents the next generation of 3D scanning technologies.”

In addition to the integrated turntable, new features of Rexcan CS+ include: Integrated blue-light scanning for capturing dark objects; interchangeable lens sets of 100 mm, 200 mm and 400 mm with automatic calibration for different fields of view; Ability to generate scan paths by simply clicking on the model, reducing subsequent prep and scanning time for production part approval process (PPAP), first-article inspection, gage R&R, and any other type of repetitive scanning.

Another feature is fully automated scanning for small- and medium-sized parts: users mount the part on the turntable and select a pre-defined macro — and nothing else.

The system has the flexibility to scan larger parts using a tri-pod and target registration.

The ezScan software for data acquisition and Geomagic Qualify for automated inspection analysis are provided at no extra cost.

“The Rexcan CS+, together with Geomagic Qualify or Studio software, provides an unmatched combination of automation, flexibility, accuracy and simplicity,” according to eQuality Tech president and CEO Srdjan Urosev. “Eliminating targets, streamlining scanning with the four-way turntable, and comprehensive automation in Rexcan CS+ can reduce data acquisition and processing time by 50%.”