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Our new analytical solution combines the performance of the traditional combustion analyzer with the speed and easeofuse of OES methodology noted a Spectro product manager He said this approach precisely determines carbon in cast iron even on suboptimal samples

OES Technology for Cast Iron Carbon Analysis

April 7, 2013
Digitally controlled plasma generator Greater UV performance Higher optical resolution Sophisticated data processing

SPECTRO ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS introduced optical emission spectrometry (OES) technology that offers greater carbon measurement accuracy and speed in cast iron production applications.

“Our new analytical solution combines the performance of the traditional combustion analyzer with the speed and ease-of-use of OES methodology,“ commented Kay Toedter, Spectro product manager SMA, “Now incorporated in our SpectroLab and SpectroMaxx systems, this new approach precisely determines carbon in cast iron, even on suboptimal samples, with results comparable to those achieved with the time- and money-consuming combustion analysis technique.

“A new analytical carbon line and a related reference line, in combination with a modified read-out sequence, enable the detection of free graphite during the pre-burn phase.  This in turn ensures accurate carbon results for many more samples than before.  Samples with an unacceptably high amount of free graphite are identified as ‘bad” samples’,” noted Kay Toedter.

Spectro’s advanced OES analysis technology excels across the requirements for superior carbon measurement performance, including:

Digitally controlled plasma generator: The SpectroMaxx and SpectroLab plasma generators are fully digitally controlled for accurate and reproducible spark definition. The developer said this allows the instrument to deliver greater precision, better repeatability, and faster measurement with less impact from external interference.

Greater UV performance: SpectroLab’s UV-PLUS system contains a hermetically sealed optical chamber that is filled just once with argon. Impurities are removed through a built-in filter cartridge, reducing operating costs and extending maintenance intervals.

Higher optical resolution: The SpectroMaxx is equipped exclusively with CCD technology for users who don’t need the higher sensitivity and shorter reaction time of photomultiplier detection (PMT). For those requiring ultra trace analysis and time-dependent spark examination, the SpectroLab combines both CCD and PMT technologies in a single, powerful instrument.

Sophisticated data processing: The SpectroLab and SpectroMaxx systems enable complete coverage of the entire spectrum relevant for cast iron analysis. In addition to outputting results for individual elements, the data can be sorted according to measurement or configuration, or read out as a complete wavelength scan. SpectroLab’s PMT signal can be outputted with microsecond resolution, allowing individual sparks to be broken into a hundred or more steps.

The SpectroLab and SpectroMaxx system applications for cast iron carbon analyses are immediately available. For more information, visit SPECTRO